MySQL 5.7 includes significant performance and high availability improvements enabling the next generation of web, embedded and Cloud applications.

MySQL Database 5.7 delivers:

  • New! JSON Support using a native binary format for efficient processing & storage
  • New! Multi-source Replication enabling a replication slave to receive transactions from multiple sources simultaneously
  • New! Optimizer Cost Model resulting in better query performance
  • New! Query Rewrite Plugin to specify how certain queries that arrive at the server should be rewritten
  • New! Sys Schema providing easy to understand views with insights into MySQL health
  • New! GIS Spatial Extensions for mobile applications and location based services
  • New! InnoDB Transparent Page Level Compression with support for Zlib and LZ4
  • New! InnoDB Native Partitioning reducing memory requirements by up to 90%
  • Improved! 3x faster with read-only performance of 1.6 million queries/second on Linux
  • Improved! InnoDB Native Full Text Search with better performance and support for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean
  • Improved! Performance Schema with better instrumentation and lower overhead
  • Improved! Security through safer initialization, enhanced data encryption, better password handling and more
  • Improved! Replication enhancements including GTIDs, semi-synchronous replication, performance schema tables, and dynamic replication filters
  • Reliability requiring little or no intervention to achieve continuous uptime
  • Ease of use with “3 minutes from download to development” installation and configuration
  • Low administration with very little database maintenance required
  • Replication providing flexible topologies for scale-out and high availability
  • Partitioning to improve performance and management of very large database environments
  • ACID Transactions to build reliable and secure business critical applications
  • Stored Procedures to improve developer productivity
  • Triggers to enforce complex business rules at the database level
  • Views to ensure sensitive information is not compromised
  • Information Schema to provide easy access to metadata
  • Pluggable Storage Engine Architecture for maximum flexibility


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