JavaScript is a client-side programming language that is used to add programming logic to web pages. You can understand this way. HTML is a designing language and it only designs web pages. You can not perform any logic in webpages by HTML.

Like when click on the user link, you want to do some processing by calling a function. But you can not do this by HTML because HTML is used only to design web pages.

You need a programming language for this. JavaScript is a programming language that adds logic to webpages and makes them dynamic.

JavaScript was developed by Sun Micro Systems. Previously it was named LiveScript. Which was later changed to javascript. JavaScript has object oriented programming capabilities. It is defined in the head section of the HTML file.

If you do not use JavaScript, then you can not perform any calculations with HTML. With javascript you can perform validation too. JavaScript is a programming language that browsers understand and it is used only for special webpages.


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