There are 2 important features of JavaScript that are being given below.

JavaScript is capable of generating dynamic web pages. JavaScript is able to make changes to the Webpage itself when it is loaded. Webpages can be decided only when the load is loaded.

While this does not happen in HTML, all the action is already define and you can not take any action in the load time of the webpages. HTML generates static pages. But JavaScript generates dynamic pages.

For example, when the JavaScript page is loading, you can show weather according to your location.

Client Side
JavaScript is a client side scripting language. PHP executes on any execution server. But this is not the case with javascript. When you use JavaScript, any execution performs on the client side.

For example, JavaScript is performed in the web browser on validation client side. But PHP does perform on the validation server. This causes the load of the JavaScript server to be reduced.

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