“Apache is not running from XAMPP Control Panel If you have installed Skype”

The most common problem that you are running another program which is blocking port 80 or 443. If you have installed Skype, then you have found this problem.

First Method:
1) Open Skype
2) Go to Tools
3) In Advanced settings click Connection option
4) Uncheck option – Use port 80 and 443 for additional incoming connections
5) Click on the Save button same as given image, see below:

6) logged out to Skype for a while ,
7) Now Restart your system or restarted apache from xampp control panel,.
8) checked on browser, whether it worked or not, by http://localhost/
9) got it worked,
10)  signed in again to skype,
11) all working great, as simple as that

“Apache is not running from XAMPP Control Panel If you have not installed Skype or any other blocking application”

In Case If You Not install the skype but your system and this problem occur again and then you need to change the setting of you apache As Given Below

1. Go in xampp/apache/conf/httpd.conf and open it.
In the httpd.conf file at line 176 Replace

ServerName localhost:80

ServerName localhost:81

It will work.

2. Even if the above procedure doesn’t work. Then in the same file (httpd.conf) at line 45 replace

#Listen [::]:80
Listen 80


#Listen [::]:81
Listen 81


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